POWER QUALITY is a general term used to describe the overall electrical environment and the compatibility of the electrical devices powered by your electrical environment.

AMARO Technologies, LLC focus is to identify and remedy the causes of premature equipment failure and then mitigate the associated financial losses.
  Facility Design Audit
  • Electrical Bonding and Grounding
  • Lightning Protection
  Transient Exposure and Risk Management
  Repair History Audit
  • History of equipment failures
  • Downtime and Repair History
  • Associated Costs of Repair and Downtime
  Power Quality Study
  • Monitor- Log Document Power Anomalies
  Implement Solutions
AMARO Technologies, LLC is staffed with a Registered Communications Distribution Designer - RCDD with over 25 years experience in design Network Transport Infrastructure.
    Information Transport Consulting
  Telecommunications Room Design
  Equipment Room Layout Planning
  Electrical Requirements Planning
  Environmental Requirements Planning
  Cooling Requirements Planning
  Fire Suppression System Planning
  Facility Cable Plant Planning
  Security Management System Planning
  Infrastructure Technologies Facility Commissioning
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