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We have avoided a catastrophe. Our power feeder from the utility company was damaged during a lightning storm about 75 feet from the power room. When we got our power restored two days later we realized we had no damage to our equipment. That allowed us to avoid an evacuation of our facility. We canít be known as a dangerous place. Thank you.

CEO and Plant OPS director-Nashville, TN

One of our MRIís had mysterious streaks and flecks in the images. Our OEM performed a power quality analysis and told us we needed an expensive on-line UPS. We worked with the SurgeRx people and avoided that expenditure. Our images have improved and so has our overall downtime.

Biomedical technician- 350 bed Facility in Nashville, TN

All our repairs are now for mechanical problems. We have virtually eliminated our biomedical replacements for electronic, computer based components. Also, we just replaced our first x-ray tube in three years. We had been replacing them every 18 months. We have 45 x-ray machines in our system.

Plants Ops Director- Houston, TX

We were experiencing damaged equipment after every thunderstorm. Our power would flicker and things would get zapped. They eliminated the cause of the problem (not the storms!)

Director-Surgery Center in Florida

The revenue we were losing due to avoidable repairs and downtime was amazing. We have found a huge source of income for our facility that we had overlooked. We can protect our investments against catastrophic loss and reduce on-going repairs and downtime. We could not be more appreciative that we were offered SurgeRx by Amaro Technologies, LLC.

your facility-anywhere in the U.S
 Do you know what revenue is lost in 20 hours of downtime?
 See belowÖ
 Revenue Per
 Hour *
 $11,100  $11,100  $4,580  $5,000  $8,000
   CT  PET Scan  MRI  Nuclear
 20 Hour Downtime
 $222,000  $222,000  $91,600  $100,000  $160,000
  Those 5 machines above could increase your revenue by $795,600.00 just by improving uptime by 20 hours for each machine.

2010 Patent Pending.
  Data Centers and hospitals are very similar. They both require a seamless flow of data and information to insure a satisfactory outcome.   Unnecessary interruptions in service can be devastating to patient care, physician relationships, and facilityís daily operations.

Thatís why what we do is so important to patients, family, and staff.

Marcy Williams
Director Of Operations
AMARO Technologies, LLC
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