Summary of Services

The founders of Amaro Technologies, LLC worked for the largest healthcare corporation in the United States where they honed their skills developing, designing, managing, implementing and commissioning IT projects well over $200M.  This group was responsible for providing infrastructure oversight of the technology refresh for more than 200 facilities with a price tag in excess of $200M

Amaro Technologies has a wide portfolio of professional services and experience to fit most of your needs.

  • Consultation & Facility Build-Out Feasibility Services
  • Acquisition - Due Diligence Assessments
  • Project Gone Wrong Assistance
  • Project Peer Reviews
  • Technology Refresh Planning & Implementation
  • Corporate Standards & Technical Specifications Development 
  • Project Plan & Coordination - Moving IT Facility & Staff 
  • Technical Documentation Services
  • Information Technology Infrastructure RFP Development
  • Onsite Security Assessments - Physical Security Site Analysis
  • Telecommunications Spaces Planning
  • Centralized UPS Power & Power Quality Solutions
  • Grounding & Bonding Studies
  • Lightning Arrestment Mitigation Solutions

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Marcy Williams


Sal Saldivar, RCDD