You work hard every day to gain a competitive advantage.  Protect your assets and sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.  We can provide you with the tools necessary to track inventory from the moment it enters your facility.  As a design service we investigate the crime statistics with the local police to determine the crime rate and vulnerabilities. We will also provide you with a risk assessment to determine what level of security you should use and design the appropriate system capabilities. 
Not only can these be used for security purposes, but they can be used for safety purposes as well.  For instance, in case of a fire, employees can swipe their badges/ID's at a rally point so that the system can tell who is still left in the building.  These systems can be implemented on their own or linked together for one cohesive system.
After the discovery meeting we prepare a comprehensive plan incorporating all the necessary documentation to proceed.  We prepare drawings, technical specifications and requirements for competitive bidding.  We can assist you in choosing from several candidates to provide installation, monitoring and product services.
Intrusion Alarm
If there ever is a breech, it is good to know the details of it and to be notified immediately.  This is possible due to a variety of security equipment such as:

  • Glass detectors
  • Motion detectors
  • Door sensors
  • Intrusion keypad
  • Intrusion control panel

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