Professional Services

Amaro Technologies, LLC - Is a converging technologies solutions vendor with vast experience in the Information technology industry.  Our approach is client advocate centric and vendor neutral. We listen to our clients’ needs to develop the project body of work and deliver a successful engagement. It does not matter if it is a Data Center build-out or a due diligence engagement.  No matter the size of your project we execute it with the importance being the same. We are not a sales force trying to sell solutions and services our clients don’t need. We listen and use information from the customer as well as our expertise to come up with a cost effective solution. The project professional assigned to your project’s main objective is to execute the project while freeing up your resources to continue their daily functions and routines. We walk “side by side” with you during each step of the process until the project is completed. 
All converging technologies are built upon a main foundation. The main foundation consists of the physical plant,  power, cooling, spaces and monitoring, being the Critical Infrastructure.  Amaro Technologies encompasses a deep knowledge set and experience with centralized power and Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring (DCiM) solutions. Our BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designer, (RCDD) is a systems integration professional trained in a wide array of converging technologies to help clients with their integrations needs.  This along with industry certified installers and project management professionals will help you develop what we describe as the converging technologies project team.

Please consult us to provide these other services:

  • Acquisition - Due Diligence Reviews
  • Consultation & Feasibility Services
  • Data Center Build-out and Refresh Updates
  • Technology Refresh Planning & Implementation
  • Corporate Standards and Technical Specifications Development
  • Call Center Move Planning
  • Audio Video
  • Security Management Systems
  • DCiM – Environmental Monitoring & Asset Tracking
  • Project Peer Reviews
  • Project Gone Wrong Assistance

Amaro Technologies - Methods for Project Execution

Define & Assess
First we perform an in depth assessment at what is needed for your project. Collaboratively develop a solution that best fits the needs for the project. Our goal is to give the customer what is required for the purpose intended along with alternative recommendations. We utilize best and most up to date practices in our approach.

After we have a good assessment of what is needed in the facility, we can draw up plans that fit the customer's requirements, project charter, project scope, budget scope, technology and equipment specifications, RFP documentation, project plans and timelines, and communications plan. All stakeholders input are taken into consideration while tailoring the specific plan. We are vendor agnostic (we're on your side!).

A plan is no good until it is put into action. We provide the leadership and by taking responsibility for the project we will be your single point of contact (POC) for the duration. We work in a collaborative environment and ensure that all the stakeholders and contractors are performing each of their responsibilities effectively and on time.  This promulgates that your resources continue their normal business operations and can continue without disruption.

The project is managed with the utmost care and supervision. Apart from the project manager onsite, Amaro Technologies’ has staff experienced in Electrical, HVAC and other disciplines to provide onsite inspections as the project develops.  Status meetings and reporting the progress of the project are key and integral in communicating to all of the stake holders.  We take the leadership role in the status meetings and provide the single point of contact to deliver progress updates throughout the project with scheduled meetings with the customer.

Manage Quality
Not only will your project be completed on time, but it will meet or exceed the customer's expectations.  We will make sure that it's done right, the first time.  Our goal is to design with no change orders in mind. If you're not happy, neither are we!

Validate and Commission
Finally we make sure the project is fully completed. All systems are tested and validated for perfect performance. We validate construction documents by comparing the contracts, insure all has been built accordingly and designed for the purpose intended. We issue a project book with cutsheets, warrantees and customer support contact information.  This includes a final walkthrough and tests to ensure things will run smoothly.