Nobody likes to be out of the loop. Need a way to easily communicate and effectively display data to a large group? Digital signage is the concept of delivering a focused message to a specific audience.  Digital signage also can be found on the streets of any metropolis, a high rise building elevator, a sports arena, a data center, in the call center corridors or a customer support department. We have the experience and expertise to work with our clients to determine how they can leverage this new technology.  Whether it be a queue of customers waiting, a patients’ status in a surgery waiting room, visitors in a waiting room to inform them of your company’s products, it can be used in a variety of applications.
The following are just some of the brief implementations that can be employed:

  • Company announcements                                           
  • Upcoming events                                                           
  • Meeting room schedules                                            
  • Status reports
  • HR announcements
  • Health/Safety news
  • Executive office staff meetings

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Marcy Williams


Sal Saldivar, RCDD