Monitoring provides the critical information data centers need to make strategic decisions about power, cooling and asset life.  With DCiM, monitoring can reduce manpower requirements to check and report multiple daily environmental checks. Not just the data center, but from many building systems easily integrated.  A small sample of systems that can be integrated to the monitoring system: emergency or standby power generators, HVAC units and a myriad of building sensors (lighting, heat, humidity, occupation…). When used effectively & properly, can improve productivity, assist with change management, asset deployment and forecasting resources & capacities at the server cabinet or rack level.  In addition, deploying environmental monitoring can optimize the facility by properly managing cooling and power and ultimately reducing cost of operations.
With power, cooling, and equipment costs rising, it's imperative that we reduce expenses associated with operating IT assets. For example, did you know that by raising rack air intake temperatures by just 1 degree Fahrenheit we can reduce data center power costs by as much as 2% annually? Consider the savings we can realize by raising these temperatures by just 4 or 5 degrees.

Environmental Monitoring Solutions

  • Immediate notification of appropriate facility staff when environmental conditions fall outside optimal ranges.
  • Enable staff to take timely actions to prevent or minimize losses.
  • Automatically generate comprehensive documentation of environmental conditions to comply with applicable standards.

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