Data Centers are the main building block for all converging technologies.  We like to call Data Network the fourth utility.  Amaro Technologies has many years of experience building, upgrading and moving Data Centers (Computer Rooms, Main Equipment Rooms).  It all begins with the discovery phase and during this phase our goal is to learn our client’s needs and then we design, plan and implement according to those needs and requirements. We are not a sales force trying to sell or implement something the project does not need. We are your advocates and stand beside you through the whole process. We identify the target reliability and accessibility factors and apply these components into a matrix to insure optimum operations.  There are four defined levels of resiliency and availability for data centers. That determines the criterion and outline for the power, cooling requirements and level of redundancy.  All the while we plan with future cost containment while maximizing performance and minimizing downtime.  To achieve this goal, our Registered Communications Distribution Design professional (RCDD) designs with a focus to reduce the operational total cost of ownership. We do this by bringing together many factors among them are: optimizing power, cooling, space planning, separating class A1 equipment from non-storage equipment and incorporate monitoring. These are only a few of the many components used to plan cost effective solutions. 

Considering Data Center upgrade?

As the old saying “you can’t quantify what you can’t measure”, monitoring and managing growth is nearly impossible, but with the right tools and Amaro Technologies, a strategic plan can be developed to control capital expenditures. Savings maybe realized with simple changes, such as redistribution of equipment and optimizing power use.  Call us for a consultation, we can help you to develop and implement your plan.

Data Center Project Plan Milestones

  • Assessments Discovery Phase
  • Developing Building plans, budgets, developing scope of work, Project plans & Timelines
  • Professional Design Team Phases – Schematic Design (SD) , Design Development(DD’s) and Constructions Documents (CD’s)
  • RFP and Choosing Contactors
  • Developing Pricing Package
  • Bid Conference
  • Implementation Phase
  • Monitor Phase
  • Completions Phase

Checks We Perform For Upgrading Data Center & If Applicable for a New Data Center!

  • Power - PQ Surveys - Lightning Protection – Grounding Systems Studies
  • Emergency Power & Standby Generators –
  • Interruptible Power Systems - Battery and Flywheel Technologies.
  • HVAC -  Single or Redundant and independent systems  or Dual Compressor and Single Units
  • Spaces - Evaluation for IT use and compliance. 
  • Fire suppression – Clean Agent Fire Suppression – Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems
  • Cable plant – Pathways - Cable Trays  - Cable Assembles in the Datacenter
  • Security – Neighborhood Criminal Statistics Analysis
  • Service Providers Analysis  - Telephone, Communications - Internet Service Providers - Satellite Service Providers
  • Audit Legacy Equipment i.e. Servers, Storage devices, network equipment and other IT equipment
  • Building ingress and egress for ease of distributing equipment