Today’s Audio Video technology has made significant advances in our time.  To fly everyone in to have a meeting is no longer required, which is a tremendous cost and time savings.  Amaro Technologies has grown along with this fast paced evolving technology.  Audio Video technologies can be leveraged so that many can attend, work collaboratively from remote and distant locations without having an out of town attendee in the conference room.  This is just one example of how Amaro Technologies leverages Audio Video -Teleconferencing to develop a project. We have come a long way since the conference call that was prepared by the phone operator.
Did you know the Analog Video technology is fast approaching end of life? All video connections will be digital HDMI.  What does this mean to you?  The sun setting of analog systems at the end of 2012 requires the need to support both technologies.  Long gone will be the pesky large coaxial cables and will be replaced by HDMI or Cat 5/6 communications cable. Our designs incorporate the pathways to support analog and digital video requirements, thus protecting your investment now and in the future. As your technology changes your infrastructure remains the same allowing for easy transition to support future equipment.
This design and implementation highlights safety and cost effectiveness.  An example, a conference room wires on the floors coming from the walls to the center of the tables, safety being of a main concern. With the wires hidden away, there is no safety risk.  The conduits provide easy connection points for all types of audio, video, and data needs and protect your investment.

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Sal Saldivar, RCDD