Amaro Technologies has been involved in designing and building of Data Centers, Call Centers, Supply Chain Warehouses and design/build technology refresh projects.  We start by identifying the business case matrix of accessibility and reliability and then determine the level of redundancy required. It insures that all critical infrastructure components are identified to deliver the correct level of redundancy to meet your business case uptime requirements. From there, a plan and specifications are aligned with the class of redundancy specified previously, project scope and budgets. Our expertise with designing IT infrastructure gives us a strategic advantage in planning out the design that will reduce future costs of operations by putting all the pieces in the correct order. Listening, planning, executing and experience equal a very successful project.
Critical Infrastructure Services

  • Power - PQ Surveys - Lightning Protection – Grounding Systems Studies
  • Emergency Power & Standby Generators –
  • Interruptible Power Systems - Battery and Flywheel Technologies.
  • HVAC -  Single or Redundant and independent systems  or Dual Compressor and Single Units
  • Spaces - Evaluation for IT use and compliance. 
  • Fire suppression – Clean Air Agent Fire Suppression – Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems
  • Cable plant – Pathways - Cable Trays  - Cable Assembles in the Datacenter
  • Security – Neighborhood Criminal Statistics Analysis
  • Service Providers Analysis  - Telephone, Communications- Internet Service Providers Satellite Service Providers


Data Centers

Our services help our clients achieve performance and cost containment goals with the project by providing the expertise and leadership, during all phases of the Data Center build-out project.

Audio Video

Sights and sounds are a quick way to grab the attention of students, employees or potential clients.  A state-of-the-art meeting room complete with projectors, screens, microphones, overhead paging, sound masking systems and maybe even a smart-board is a sure way to work more efficiently.  We can help you address this need whether it must be simple or very intricate.

Security Management Systems 

Protect the safety of all building occupants from the hazards of fire and intrusion.  SMS also protects your assets and sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. 

DCiM-Data Center infrastructure Management & Asset Tracking Solutions

You can't measure what you don't know you have.  To learn more click on the title.