The Affinion Group
Design IT Infrastructure
IT infrastructure for a Data Center - Telecommunications Spaces and IT facilities for 700+ seat call center. Provided design and construction coordination.

HCA - Regional Data Center
Design Build-out - Construction management for the consolidation of two existing data center rooms into one large 60 + bay data center. Initially we agreed to complete the project in sixteen weeks with It was completed 2 weeks early and under budget.

Mercy Hospital – Miami, FL
IT Infrastructure Due Diligence
IT infrastructure evaluation for a new acquisition, space planning Telecommunications Rooms, Data Center, electrical power assessments, cooling requirements of existing and new planned IT spaces.  The facility data center was to be assessed and determine what was needed to upgrade to meet class 2+ requirements. The environmental dimensions were measured throughout the facility with sophisticated instrumentation.  Resulting in power transformers and the grounding system completely replaced in all IT spaces.

Regional Medical Center - Covington LA
Centralized Power & Power Quality Solutions
The Gulf Coast region is known for having power failures, rain and lightning storms. Designed and implemented central power system to replace multiple Uninterruptible Power Systems with a centralized power solution, addressed lightning protection and enhanced the quality of power resulting in the reduction of critical diagnostic equipment downtime thereby enhancing revenue.

Hospital Corporation of America - IT Infrastructure - Technology Refresh for 200+ Facilities
Project oversight of infrastructure modifications to all IT Spaces in over 200 facilities. Developed power and cooling specifications for all IT spaces.

Parallon Business Solutions – Tampa FL
IT Infrastructure – Data Center - GREENFIELD
Design IT infrastructure & Data Center to support 600+ seat Call Center.

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