Asset Management - Tracking

Asset Management solutions reduce the time and cost of tracking and managing assets. You no longer take inventory. You always have current inventory!
Amaro Technologies has intimate knowledge, expert experience on how to integrate this technology and understands how to integrate and apply it as a converging technology.  Just to name a few applications it can be integrated with Security Management Systems or standalone to track people, equipment, assets and their whereabouts. The following are examples of how to improve utilization in a hospital environment.

  • The enormous amount of hoarded equipment. Hospitals can lose or misplace up to 10 to 20% of their inventory per year. Moreover, time spent on finding equipment can be as much as 21 minutes.
  • It’s estimated that for each bed in a hospital, $4,000-$5,000 of equipment goes permanently missing.
  • End hoarding and hiding of equipment. Know where your equipment is at anytime, anywhere. Solutions provide real time location and movement information about vital assets.
  • Having a real time, on demand asset inventory means you know exactly what equipment you have and what you do—or do not—need to buy. End overprovisioning.
  • Facilitate wise resource use. Staff spends less time looking for equipment and more time tending to patients.
  • Gain fiscal effectiveness. You’ll have all the data you need about each asset, from rental management data to required maintenance scheduling and history of repairs.

People and Access Tracking Solutions

  • Better allocation of personnel and patients. Knowing where a staff member is located means you can allocate/balance availability more effectively.
  • Patient wandering management. Making sure you know the location of patients at all times is mandatory.
  • Securer facilities. Having the information to correlate who took which action where means you have an “audit trail,”—an additional layer of security that provides information about on-going activities within the facility.

Proximity Detection Solutions

  • Implement tighter controls that ensure compliance around personnel-driven activities such as area access.
  • Having the ability which specific employee took a specified action at a specific time provides the information needed to enforce existing regulations, hospital mandates and emerging requirements.

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