Implementation of Access Control will allow for monitoring of critical areas by restricting access and notification of an un-authorized entry. The system can be configured to detect “tailgating” behind authorized personnel. Technology exists that can control ingress and egress through the use of physical or optical turnstiles. ¬†Access Control provides useful features such as controlling entry to your property gates, logging end user access activities. The HIPPA requirements to log entry into IT spaces can easily be accomplished and establish a video recording, along with the people going into certain rooms of your facility.¬† We have successfully implemented integration of the payroll timekeeping systems with Access Control Badges. There are many ways that this system can be configured to help in controlling traffic within your facility. We have several ways to do this including:

  • Electronic Locks
  • Door Positioning Sensors
  • Egress Sensor, Emergency Egress Touch Sense Bars
  • Card Reader
  • Intrusion Panic Hardware
  • Video Intercom & Monitor System
  • Turnstiles


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