HOW?????  By reducing repairs on your critical modalities:
  Does really work? 

has been documented by a leading healthcare provider to:
  • Reduce service calls on radiology equipment significantly *
  • Reduce downtime for repairs significantly *
  Our clients have also reported:
  • Improved image quality
  • Reduced interruptions to work flow for random glitches, resets and reprogramming
  • Less rescheduled patients due to unavailable equipment
  • Less replacements of imaging tubes and components
  • Reduced risk of catastrophic loss due to lightning
  What is the cost/benefit of ?
A leading national healthcare provider has reported that an hour of downtime for a service call on a CT can cost $10,000-15,000 in lost productivity. An OEM maintenance contract can exceed $500,000 per year per facility. reduces the frequency of service calls and improves productivity. ROI’s for are facility specific, but are often as short as 90 days.
  How can Amaro Technologies help? 

Together, let’s “keep your equipment running”.  You’ll be amazed by the improvements in reliability. For more information contact us at or by phone at 615-891-1225.
will keep your Critical Equipment running!
*Results have been achieved up to 60% and may vary depending on your environment
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